All that I could find on the one every 400 years Chiron Pisces conjunct Neptune Aquarius

Global Spiritual Astrology – Neptune Conjunct Chiron in Aquarius Opposition TransPluto a.k.a. Percephone or Divine Mother Pt. 1

by Robert Wilkinson

For quite a few months we’ve had Chiron conjunct Neptune in late Aquarius. However, of perhaps greater significance is that both have been opposition TransPluto (a.k.a. Percephone, or Parvati, or Divine Mother) and thus we’ve been experiencing a great polarization. Some major energies are breaking the surface across the world!

Today we begin the subject by taking a look at Chiron conjunct Neptune at the end of Aquarius. We first began to experience Chiron approaching its conjunction with Neptune in 2006-2007, and it’s gotten closer and closer ever since. It got to within 5 degrees by 2008, within 1 degree (partile – very strong!) in Spring 2009, and began a period of exact conjunctions in February 2010.

They came within a fraction of a degree of conjuncting at 27 Aquarius in 2009, and actually did conjunct at 27 Aquarius in February 2010. That makes 27 Aquarius a hot spot of energies that will be released for many centuries to come (until their next exact conjunction in Virgo in 2094!)

Since early 2010, they have continued to be conjunct, always within less than 2 1/2 degrees of each other since then. Now that it’s late 2010, they have again gone stationary direct, and will be within a degree and a half of each other over the next 6 weeks in the final degrees of Aquarius.

Chiron gave us a taste of the Neptune in Pisces era about to dawn when it first entered Pisces and went retrograde at 1 degree of that sign between April and July 2010. It will re-enter Pisces in February 2011 and be joined by Neptune in April 2011.

Chiron and Neptune will thus be conjunct in Pisces between April and August 2011, will blend the energies of the two signs from August 2011 through January 2012, after which they will again be conjunct in Pisces through 2014 when they will be out of orb, even if they are both in Pisces.

So in the upcoming months Neptune will enter Pisces in April 2011, then RX out of Pisces back into the last 2 degrees of Aquarius in August 2011 where it will stay through January 2012. Throughout this time Chiron and Neptune will still be very much conjunct, blending their energies between Aquarius and Pisces.

This is important, since 30 Aquarius and 1 Pisces are the degrees of transition between the great Ages that’s happening right now. While I believe we are still in the Age of Pisces, we’re definitely transitioning into the Age of Aquarius over the next few decades, and so Neptune and Chiron have been embedding that New Era energy in the collective consciousness.

I’ve prepared an article addressing this specific subject that will post in a few days. Until, then, open in your meditations to directly experiencing this “cuspal energy of the Ages,” and you may be able to glimpse how your Higher Self can help to heal humanity, consciously or subconsciously, wherever you live on whatever levels you function.

As an aside, I addressed some of the issues connected to entering the Age of Aquarius in several past articles. I spoke of how Uranus awakened the Age of Aquarius energy, Neptune is dreaming it into reality, and Pluto will do its transformational thing in years to come. These are linked at the bottom of this one, and they in turn link to longer explorations of the subject. Be sure to follow the links as far back as you can, since there is valuable information in all of them.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss TransPluto, what Her energies are bringing forth now and for several years to come, the opposition from Neptune and Chiron, and the implications for humanity. This opposition is sinking some things while bringing new materials to the surface and in general is polarizing humanity along specific spiritual (and not-very-spiritual!) lines of response.


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