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Global Spiritual Astrology – Neptune Conjunct Chiron in Aquarius Opposition TransPluto a.k.a. Percephone or Divine Mother Pt. 2

by Robert Wilkinson

In part 1 we discussed Chiron conjuncting Neptune in late Aquarius, a zone symbolizing the “Cusp of the Aquarian Age.” Today we factor in these planets’ oppositions to TransPluto, or Divine Mother, at the end of Leo. A new way of knowing “G-D” is coming to our world!


Oppositions polarize, but also bring things to the surface. It represents a phase of emergent awareness, where some things are seen for the first time that have been building since they were “born” at the conjunction.

The polarizations an opposition brings offer a distinct sense of what forces oppose each other within a larger whole of experience. It can bring head butting, pulling apart, or see-saw activity. To note, any opposition can be resolved through triangulated productivity and/or understanding.

I believe this opposition between Neptune and Chiron with TransPluto (Percephone, Parvati) symbolizes the global tension between the collective that will not heal into its Higher Self and those disciples and truth seeking Souls who hold the expectancy of a new form of God, Truth, or “All-That-Is” to come forth in the new Age rapidly dawning.

TransPluto has occupied Leo for many decades. It has been in the last three degrees of Leo since 2007, and is currently at 30 Leo. I discussed more of this “Divine Mother” energy in past articles, and I’ve included a link at the bottom of this one.

TransPluto moves very slowly, and occupies a degree for several years at a time. It will enter Virgo for the first time in October 2011, and then go RX at the first degree, and re-enter Leo January 2012. It will stay there through September 2012, when it will again re-enter Virgo. It will again occupy the first degree of Virgo, then RX back into Leo again in February 2013 where it will occupy the last degree through August 2013 when it goes back into Virgo through March 2014.

We then get to take one last look back between March and July 2014 at the era that began when TransPluto entered Leo May 1938. After that it re-enters Virgo where it will stay through 2104, when it first enters Libra. As you can see, it takes quite a while for transitions to be made when it involves our “farthest out” spiritual energies!

Just as we experienced in 1938 when it left Cancer and entered Leo, the entry of TransPluto into Virgo will mark the first appearance of a new type of spiritual energy on Earth. As it is the transpersonal planet that is farthest out in our Solar Systemic evolutionary scheme, it is an energy that is so vast and all-encompassing that it is usually experienced only on the broadest and deepest of levels by those with a global sensibility (or those who are chelas of Divine Mother in all Her manifestations, of course!)

This opposition between Neptune (collective consciousness, delusional lack of clarity) and TransPluto (vast redemption of life after a period of darkness or death) clearly delineates the tension going on in the collective at present. It will be most aggravated when a significant transit and/or lunation triggers hard aspects to Neptune and TransPluto.

That could be one factor in the current hardness in our world, the oppositions between our humanitarian ideals and those who cling to the dying Age and its hypocrisies, duplicities, and procrastination tendencies. These are internal Neptunian contradictions. That it is now conjunct Chiron shows that humanity is being offered a constant opportunity to heal into its Higher Self.

TransPluto is showing us the way to redemption through sharing and non-possessiveness, and is showing us the culmination point in how to release loving, creative energies in cooperation and a vaster sense of non-separateness. The current opposition is polarizing the negative Neptunians with those who stand for the best that can be redeemed of the human condition.

The positive Neptunians, on the other hand, are now striving to bring this vast redemptive Divine Mother energy to the surface of our world expressed through the best that Leo can manifest. Again, this will be seen when major aspects to the opposition bring forth these energies, whether through conflict (squares) or harmony of productive understanding (sextiles and trines).

Recently it seems things have been thrown into the air globally, with a tremendous amount of tension, release, gear jamming, and difficulty. Perhaps we can associate this with the recent Full Moon at 30 degrees Taurus and Scorpio. This made a Grand Fixed Cross with the Neptune opposition TransPluto, no doubt throwing a lot into chaotic change, with numerous forces all at odds with each other.

That would also imply that the coming Full Moon from Gemini to Sagittarius would offer us understanding and productivity in resolving the larger oppositional tension between the collective consciousness and that which will redeem the best of humanity. We can only affirm this is so, and participate however we can to bring this forth.

Of course this does not conclude our explorations to understand the importance of TransPluto and Divine Mother energies. Consider this just one more way station on the Eternal quest to re-define our understanding of G-d in concepts more relevant to our dawning new Age of Aquarius.

For more, please re-visit these articles expanding on what this Force Majure is about, and how we can align with Her Divine Power of redeeming fruitfulness after barrenness, hope after despair, and life after death:

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From that article’s link, the original post on how the 21st Century is associated with Divine Mother energy:

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