heathen / madness / schizophrenia / sorcery

An exploration of mental illness in correlation to heathenry, sorcery and mysticism.

    Generally speaking, “mental illness” is a social artifact. What is adaptive or maladaptive “mentally” is based on the basic assumptions of a society. So, this extends far beyond any worldview we’d like to describe as, or locate as, “heathen”, and speaks to the heart of any society.┬áIn a lot of primal societies, things … Continue reading

folklore / nursery rhyme / Pendle Hill / witchcraft

The Daughter of Bel-Trabol:A Theory about a Curious Nursery Rhyme, and its Relationship to Historical Witchcraft in Lancashire

    Copyright 2006 by Susan Treadway, M.A. Used with permission     * * *   “Ugly Lull Grinlee Came of a witch’s belly A lame gal born of sin   Ugly Lull Grinlee Smil’d all crookedly Quite a simpleton   Ugly Lull Grinlee Always quite lonely Never had a friend   Ugly Lull … Continue reading