An answer to Dependurado



First of all, thank you Mr. Blackhood for following my blog.

I have read with interest what you write on Dependurado wordpress.com – what a name fit of Salem’s jolly history!  One particular article stands out: “I do not have anything to prove to you” – if anything because the whole scenario is the carbon copy of something that happened to a Portuguese/Irish coven to which someone by the name Karagan Griffith had made his business to spread the word about the leaders and their downline’s illegitimacy. Karagan did pretty much a good thorough job of it for several years and we saw a lot of dirt being dished up from all sides on his ning.

In your blog I read that Mario Martinez claims to be a personal friend of Patricia Crowther and was initiated in Newcastle, England in 1969 by someone called Ann Tyler.

The Irish High Priest claimed also to be a personal friend of Patricia Crowther and had written to her or visited her. Of course, Patricia claimed to know nothing about him. Quite frankly, it’s probably what people in their old age do when they’ve learnt the wisdom of not getting involved in petty squabbles that are not of their own, especially when you realise life is really getting too short.  He also claimed of having received 1* by Alex directly in London sometimes back in the 60’s.  The immediate response was, “but you’re a man, who was there to initiate you?” And so, after an initial “I don’t remember”, Maxine’s name was dropped, which received the same response as with Crowther’s – “who the hell is this guy”?  The truth turned out to be simpler and much more low key but some people were harder to trace because of their inexistence on the social network scene.  Before the age of Internet wicca,  people just met, got teaching where they could, formed covens and got on with it. Some people refuse to bow to modern pressures and I can understand why. It can be a noxious and pointless detour from the actual work that needs to be done. Besides, this lineage business is becoming more and more like a penis measuring contest to determine who has the right to rule the members-only club.

“he is not in the record of initiated witches”…

what record of initiated witches? This is another flipping American innovation. In England, first names or circle names were written in an entry to the coven’s magical journal – more often than not, impressing them in one’s memory was sufficient.

“Another disparity in his age”…

sorry mate, you’ve no idea of England 1969. If you did, you’d wish a time machine would catapult you straight back there. Yes, it was totally possible to be initiated at 15 then. Have you not read Firechild my friend? Maxine herself went through a life-risking initiation in a dark cave at the age of 15 with the blessing of her mum.  I also personally know two people who were under 18 at the time the Sanders initiated them. Of course, you’re talking Gardnerians here but I can reassure you that in those days the rules were very elastic and easy to bend where there was a will.

“Mario keeps a list on Yahoo which serves the sole purpose of affirming and re-affirming Mario’s legitimacy to those who come in and believe the story.  What is interesting is that there is no legitimate, recognised initiated priesthood from any other part of the world in this list”…

Is that not exactly what it was like for this Irish HP! And people spoke about him with this tone too for a good five years at least – since the Internet boom. His downline were utterly distraught, knowing that wherever they went, they would not be able to mention their association and whom they had learnt the Craft from. But people were having too much a good time bitching.  Were you around then?  Yes, it is possible for some people to turn others into pariah and denying them the right to a voice and even the right to exist and do as they wish without the boss’ stamped approval. After all, look how many spineless sheep who wouldn’t dare bleat without first obtaining permission in writing from their shepherd, flock straight out of the church and into the wiccan meadow! But why am I telling you all this? Because the idea of legitimacy is a fickle gust of wind in the mind of the beholder and because I can see what your position would have been in that context, if we replaced Mario Martinez with this Irish HP. The fallacy of categorically dismissing somebody, just because everybody is doing it, is that a) makes you a sheep under a lion skin – anybody can feel strong with a mob of rednecks shaking their pitchforks behind them – and b) you never know what twist lays there waiting for you at the end of the tale.  Even flavours of the day can fall from grace or as it happened to the Irish HP, go from the illegitimate bastard unworthy of being called a priest to obtaining recognition from [Karagan] his most relentless opponent and the one who swore to me he would NEVER EVER accept him and his people as proper priesthood. Talk about having to eat your own words! Hypocrisy, self-interest, a bit of Irish enchantment (?) or just maybe it’s true that anybody can be bought with the right currency: …you just can never tell. You just can never tell !!

“…if his initiation wasn’t a scam or if it was  at all confirmed, why would he be ” attacked” or his initiation questioned ?”

The banality of this question is so naïve to be almost toddler like. It’s like asking: ” Why would the Tories attack the poor by saying they use food banks so they can spend all their welfare money at the pub or why would they question a person’s disability and force them to attend work focused interviews”?  Why would they? Because if you’re a Tory then you’re indisputably oh so virtuous or because is there an age old agenda? It’s so obvious.  Every group has its internal politics with its fair share of Tories, UKIPs, BNPs, it’s distribution of power, its pecking order etc. but only one particular tradition can boast its own home-grown born again Inquisitor about to self-proclaim himself reincarnation of the King by virtue of his prophetic hubby.  Some people are born to test your levels of compassion.

“…the Book of Shadow used by Mario, the same ‘book’ which he claimed he has received in 1971. In this book one can see elements taken from books like the “Witches Way” and “Eight Sabbats for Witches” by the Farrars”.

Well, surprise surprise, do you really believe that the Farrars wrote these books out of their heads? Again, what a gianormous issue the BOS – or lack of it – can be! I wouldn’t worry about the elements taken from the Farrars or leap into hasty judgements about what seems to be lifted off their books and the internet.  Considering we’re talking about a Gardnerian BOS, if I wanted to build a solid argument against the man and the authenticity of the BOS, I’d direct my attention at what could possibly be missing from it.

“…Mario will have to present evidence of the existence of this Ann Tyler and her direct connection to Monique Wilson…”

Yes, and Gerald Gardner will have to present evidence of the existence of old Dorothy Clutterbuck and his direct connection to her coven…for crying out loud! Talk about do as I say and not as I do! Of course he doesn’t have to prove anything. You ask for names, meetings, dates …you want to know too much that is none of your business. When all you need is ONE question. It takes one question to know if this Mario is a 3* or not, end of story.

“If Mario does not have to prove anything, one must not then validate, accept or recognise Mario as a legitimate initiate…those who wish to continue with the charade and be called “initiates” or have “Covens” that came from him…know that you will never be recognised as legitimate initiated witches nor you’re going to be recognised as members of the Craft. We will void you and all and all those who come from you. You should stay where you are as you probably deserve to be there anyway”.

Ah! It’s the same old tune you played before with the Irish /Portuguese coven when you first heard there were other Alexandrians in Portugal. Same script, same words, same threats and put downs, same reference as if wicca is all there is and encompasses the whole of the Craft and being excluded by one member of one tradition means being excluded by all. It’s as if you just can’t bear not being the only Portuguese witch in the village.  Besides, what’s it to do with you Mr. Blackwood? It’s beyond your boundaries, you’re not a Gardnerian yourself and here in Britain voice goes round that they don’t really appreciate you putting your nose in their affairs when all you have to contribute is negativity and strife in a language most people cannot even read.

We will void you…who is we? There is no we.  This is you and Mario, like it was you and this Irish couple and everybody else who hasn’t turned the other cheek to your shit. In fact those who you would like on your side have already told you to tone it down.  Once was enough don’t you think?

You will void no one (other than your miserable existence) and just like last time you picked this fight, someone will come along who in the end will force you to eat your own words.  Next thing Mario Martinez will be on your list of friends on Facebook and you’ll invite him to your groups and everyone will live happily ever after, so you can make it look like you never had to eat humble pie.

Like I said, lineage and initiation are not a penis measuring contest so stop insisting on peeping into people’s metaphorical pants and keep your nose out of their covens.

By  the way Karagan, you ain’t worth a granny’s old sock at cyberstalking ….but if this is the only way I can give you a piece of my mind, so be it.










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