Frater Barrabbas on Wicca

A wonderful article explaining why Wicca is heading for the estuary , what old timers know about its history that not many outside the UK will know and why allowing anyone to have authority over you is not a spiritual requirement.

Ceremonial Magick Musings

I haven’t received any hate mail this week from the normal quarters of the internet, so I figured a commentary post on a commentary post on the State of the Union was probably in order. Frater Barrabbas has a post up on Wicca, and I think it hits the nail on the head.

Tradition is worthless except as history. The ceremonial magic guys had this idea that spirit names are only good for about 100 years. I think it’s less about the names being good and more about the tradition has to change to stay relevant to the times. I don’t, for instance, need a spirit which helps me hoards of buried treasure because our society doesn’t operate on the gold standard. While I could use the spirit and possibly find something like historical artifacts, in America, the finder is required to surrender them. However getting the spirit called…

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