Be the common herd or Be different…… IT’S YOUR CHOICE

It is almost impossible not to relate this video to the main subject of my latest blog entries this week.
Karagan – the master – directs the class attention to the voice coming from the intercom. It’s the headmaster’s voice, like Maxine Sanders: apparently benign and yet removed, distant, faceless.
Look at the children. Observe their body language. Observe their interactions with the masters and with one another.
Not just ‘some’ but MOST of you who have had to deal with these people and scenarios in one coven or another will recognise the dynamics and understand.
Look at the three top students entering the classroom – the inner circle of the Elders. Did you think you’d be elevated to 3* because of your magical prowess and knowledge? Look at them again! To be ready and properly prepared means to have achieved a level of brownnosing and compliance that will guaranteed the safety of those above from the possible mutiny of those below.
Does that sound like anything to do with spirituality or witchcraft? No. It sounds like one of those 1970’s Satanist cults, which are not at all about Satan other than to borrow its “oh so scary” image, but simply psycho/sociopaths get togethers where the little damaged children trapped in adult bodies come out to play at being the Illuminati with willing and na├»ve but essentially decent people who are sincerely motivated.
The moment you pay these bullies an unexpected visit they will shit bricks in their pants, but together, like one of them recently said, they feel stronger. Hence continue to watch the video to see this logic at work, as the many against the one goes into action.
Watch what happens to the rebellious boy who makes a public stand despite being reprimanded by the big boys – the inner circle elders.
Very brave. That would be Jesus or some kind of Fool.
What are the other boys’ reactions?
Keep on watching.
In the end, everyone has learnt their lesson that 2+2 = 5 and you do not question what you’re told.
Isn’t that what we are taught in circle? Never question your HP/HPS in a properly cast circle…that is during the course of a ritual. However, a good number of HP/HPS like to maintain that approach outside the circle too and apply it to anyone from the paganly curious across to the initiate of rank just below them. Observe, because that will give you vital clues as to how they interpret and use or abuse power. Power shared is power lost only for the insecure. Power shared means you’re burning like a furnace and you’re closer to a solar god than the weasely mean spirited High Priest who gives only on condition because he can’t generate any of his own.

Another boy at the desk has observed everything and everyone, takes silent note, knows what’s best but also knows what’s right. He has learnt the lesson beyond the lesson. This is Guy Incognito.

So, now it’s your turn to answer what’s 2 + 2 =


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