Using magic to level the scores


Injustice is a bitter pill to swallow, and some people seem to choke on it on a more regular basis than others. If you are very sensitive to injustice, you become aware of its existence all around you; the reckless driver speeding down the street, risking other people’s lives; the coffee shop barman, friendly to young hotties but dismissive of old fogies. Injustice can stir many painful feelings: anger, frustration, helplessness, sadness, vengeance.

Vengeance is the desire for justice. It isn’t fair that they should get away with that; for it to be fair, they must feel the repercussions of their actions. So people fantasise about the driver getting a speeding fine or humiliating the young barman with sharp wit. But the revenge fantasy doesn’t make the pain go away. In fact, it makes it last longer.

When jutice doesn’t come or does not sufficiently satisfy the craving for revenge, those acquainted with the magical arts can be tempted to level the score with a little help from beyond.

My opinion on the matter needn’t be a moralising one but there are scores of people who take up the craft with the expectation it will help them come up top every time someone wrongs them, encounter opposition, competition or a threat.  These are the people who need to hear the actual reason why the use of magic over others is a fucking waste of time.

The reason is very simple: punishment does not obliterate the misdeed.  The emotional investment, effort, costs and time that goes into retaliating to an attack could be more profitably spent on restoring the balance in the person on the receiving end of the injustice. If you’re an Alexandrian, just think of having to polish all that brass just to get at the fucker.

Recently, I heard of a disabled nephew of a witch who was assaulted and got no justice from the police. Understandably, the witch in question was outraged and many rallied round her to offer moral support. I was rather surprised that no one was suggesting to slap the delinquent with a curse when ta-da!…the routine cliché rolled out in veiled elegance from the mouth of one of those young ladies who have read the Mists of Avalon at least twice.  Yep, here we go, I thought.  Now, no matter how well meaning the advice was handed out, I hope that the witch in question has enough sense to make better use of her time and energy. Cursing doesn’t teach a lesson to others for crossing you but it does make you stand out like a sore thumb as someone who’s just been stripped of all power and can barely hold his or her inner core together. Undeniably, that’s what injustice does to you, but surely there’s no need to broadcast it on the astral.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we should let people walk all over our heads and get away with it, but I do believe that justice is not a potato to be handled while hot and that first aid to the affected person to restore lost integrity ought to be a witch/magician’s first priority.  Well wishing from others is a good sign after a work is done BUT if nothing has yet been done, it’s a signal that the time is propitious for other emergency types of work and you should get your act together fast.

The inclination to seeking revenge is the mindset of the powerless who feel trapped by an event and cannot find a way out. There are more intelligent ways to let out anger, deal with the pain and rebalance the scales.  Ways that are going to transform a shitty event brought on by another into a golden opportunity to your advantage.

 “He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well.” —John Milton

The key is to transform.

One thing that witches sensitive to injustice seem to have in common is a “me against them” attitude that can quickly stir them to anger; causing disruption in their relationships with others and leading to the usual spats of one-upmanship.

The glamour of possessing the knowledge and means to cause harm and suffering to a perpetrator has no grip on a proper witch and magus.

“When is alright to curse”? – read the title of a thread in one of those closed witches group. The thread which followed was one of these really annoying conversations that started with the moderator boasting he had knowledge of traditional bruxeria bla bla bla (rolls eyes) but never going further in detail even though it was an initiates- only group. It was then peppered with warnings about how dangerous cursing can be and must only ever be undertaken by adepts, then it was copiously oiled in christo-pagan moralism with some karmic shit tossed in for good measure. The thread died the death of just another pointless tail-chasing debate: unresolved and in total meaninglessness.

The fact is that curses do not rely on formulas and candles. I know because I had a natural knack for it long before my initiation, so lack of access to magical knowledge didn’t make the least bit of difference. It was the intensity with which my emotions engulfed me while my thoughts would be spinning into overdrive to the point my eyes would project a whole cinematic experience in front of me that brought curses into manifestation.  But what I did gradually learn after my initiation was how to keep in check and control this ‘gift’ of mine and what signs to look for in others for the same in order to keep them in check and cool someone down before things got heated.  I call it a ‘gift’ because when redirected to my advantage the results are just as effective and if I can make something meant to break me to fails in its intention, I’ve won twice.

What goes round doesn’t always come round threefold or even half-fold, just as you can masturbate all you like and you won’t burn in hell. Karma won’t come back to bite you in the arse – your repressed guilt embroiled with past their sell by date grudges will, and perhaps the regret of frittering away your own life in scheming ways to ruin another’s.

When you’re on the receiving end of injustice, stand back to take a panoramic view of the situation and assess it from a distance as if it was not happening to you. This helps you pinpoint areas in need of protection, and areas that need re-building or strengthening.  Consider pride.  It was vilified with the fall of Lucifer and to this day we are conditioned to consider it a vice.  I’m not talking of ignorant pig-headness – something present in many a pious men and women of the gods.  I’m talking of self-love and self-respect. Pride fuels resilience and the desire not to be defeated.

Forget chasing malefactors with your wounds gaping wide. Even if you should catch up with them and dispense them with the punishment you think they deserved, it won’t get you very far. Fuck the wiccan rede.  Know where your priorities lay and look after number one, first and foremost.


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