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Can some wiccans not handle the criticism?

Atheists and scientists do not kill each other over their beliefs. The adherents of superstring theory have never killed opposing theorists. They may disagree but refrain from violently attacking each other’s followers.¬† Like them Arius and Athanasius disagreed over a theory in the 4th century, although in their case it wasn’t physics, but about the … Continue reading

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The difference between Alexandrian and Gardnerian traditions.

As much as being widely agreed that there are only few differences between Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions, personal observation has led me to the conclusion that while differences appear to be only subtle on an external level, they are much more profoundly demarcated on the inner. An example that immediately comes to mind concerns how … Continue reading

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“Art thou willing to suffer to learn?” and ritual scourging in the Alexandrian Craft: when it is common practice and when it’s abuse.

Among the things I was frequently reminded of, while at my former coven, was that we had taken oath we were willing to suffer in order to learn.¬†This question is standard procedure in an Alexandrian (and Gardnerian) initiations. Initiation catalyses a radical metaphysical process of changes in a person, often unexpected and suffered through circumstances … Continue reading